Minas - Brazilian Duo

Minas - Brazilian Duo
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Minas’ longevity speaks for itself. With over two decades performing in a variety of formats, their professionalism and versatility, from the duo to ensemble, to orchestra and big band, has placed Minas in high demand. From small intimate settings to large venues, Orlando and Patricia have enchanted audiences with their magical and unique sound, artistry and warmth, where the poetry of their lives is heard in every note. Minas reflects a perfect musical marriage with a stage presence and chemistry that only a lifetime can produce.


Minas takes Brazilian and American roots to create a sound that is fresh and innovative, from ballads tinged with melancholic traits of Blues and Choro, to Folk coasting on the subtle coolness of a Bossa Nova pulse, to upbeat Sambas elaborated with instrumental jazz improvisation, scat singing and whimsical whistling. With recordings of original music and a collection of over 100 songs, Orlando and Patricia’s compositions have been compared to classics by Cole Porter and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Capturing the essence of great songwriting with memorable melodies, inventive harmonies, and poetic lyrics, the music of Minas is engaging and timeless.


Orlando Haddad and Patricia King formed Minas in 1978 at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. They proceeded to play all over the eastern United States before moving to Brazil, where they lived, entertained and traveled, absorbing the essence of Brazilian culture. In 1984 Orlando and Patricia returned to the United States and raised a family while performing and recording extensively, building their reputation as one of the most sought-after Brazilian groups of its kind. Multi-talented as composers, vocalists and instrumentalists, and equally comfortable in Brazilian festive music and jazz, folk and classical genres, Minas has developed various performance styles which have placed them in front of every kind of audience and venue.

Symphony In Bossa - We have the pleasure of booking this fabulous show! 

symphony in bossa

big band and orchestra

Symphony in Bossa is a collaborative effort that represents some of the best writing of the extraordinary arranger, the late Bill Zaccagni. His arrangements reflect his passion for Brazilian music with lush and beautiful sounds, combined with the popular and exciting performance by Minas.

 Incorporating Brazilian standards as well as some originals by Minas, Symphony in Bossa has been performed at various venues including The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), Ocean City Pops (Ocean City, NJ), University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, NC), University of Delaware (Newark, DE), Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA), World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA), The Merriam Theater of Philadelphia, and Pennsbury School District with standing ovations every time.

Symphony in Bossa was indicated for 4 Grammy Awards in 2015: Best Latin Jazz Album, Best Instrumental Composition (Amazonia), Best Arrangement Vocal, and Instrumental (Triste), and Best Engineered Album.

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“Even at its most racing tempo, In Rio maintains its cool; always urbane, sophisticated and contemporary.” –Mary Armstrong, Philadelphia City Paper

 “Minas has dedicated itself to translating all the grace and beauty of Brazil for US audiences” –The Brazilian Music Review, Chicago IL

 “Minas brings together a wealth of experience with the traditional Brazilian sound spiced with influences from jazz” –Egidio Leitao, Luna Café, Austin, TX